Learning Destinations are places, clubs and organisations which provide high quality learning opportunities and activities

Children’s University Australasia & Africa (Indian Ocean) (CUA) members can ‘travel’ with their Passport to Learning to engage in learning activities and experiences with a ‘wow’ factor. There are two types of Learning Destinations; Public Learning Destinations and Restricted Learning Destinations. A Public Learning Destination is one that can be accessed by any passport holder or member of the public, such as a museum. Restricted Learning Destinations are for a predetermined CUA audience and are typically school based clubs. We are proud to offer CUA members an extensive range of unique and appealing Learning Destinations. All organisations seeking to become Learning Destinations must undertake our quality assurance process known as Planning for Learning to ensure consistency in the quality of learning activities.

Learning Destinations are encouraged to provide both physical and virtual activities for CUA members.  Partnering with CUA provides an opportunity to promote your activities to the CUA network both nationally and internationally.

Benefits to becoming a
Learning Destination

CUA members are actively looking for places to visit that offer great educational activities and many will make repeat visits

Encourage Visitation

Reach out and engage with local schools, libraries and local residents

Community Profile

Real time stats on participation

Insightful Reporting

Promote your day to day business, school holiday programs and upcoming events

Marketing Benefits

Supports the empowerment of children, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds

Improve Equity

Participate in CUA graduations

University Connections

Contribute to the success and achievement of young people

Support Learning

Connect your business to a network that has a global reach

International Profile

Learning Destinations

100s of Learning Destinations and activities for CUA Members can be accessed when you login to the portal.
Below are our featured Learning Destinations for this month.

Zoos SA – a long standing partnership
Adelaide Zoo is a Learning Destination where visitors can emotionally connect with nature and witness the complex interplay of animal behaviour and care, conservation practices and entertainment. It is an ideal destination for visitors seeking learning experiences outside of school hours because the unique collection of animal and plant species is available almost every day...
Haigh’s Chocolates – an Adelaide icon
A Family-Centred Partnership Partners since 2017, Haigh’s Chocolates and CUA have been working together to bring members and families learning activities that showcase an iconic family-owned business. Community is at the heart of Haigh’s and allows CUA to give children an insight into an important local industry in a welcoming, and accessible environment. ‘Being a...
Ayers House Museum – a partnership that crosses generations
Partners since 2015, Ayers House Museum is the last remaining mansion on North Terrace, in the heart of Adelaide. This beautiful Victorian home offers visitors a hands-on experience of 19th Century living. Roll dough in the kitchen or explore the house at your own pace. Try your hand at sewing, play games or make a greeting card.
The Air Force Museum of New Zealand
The Air Force Museum of New Zealand has been a Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi | Children’s University Public Learning Destination since early 2019. This museum is the National museum for the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) and the New Zealand military aviation, and stands on the site of the former air base at Wigram, Christchurch....
Christchurch City Council
Christchurch City Council (CCC) has been a significant partner of Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi | Children’s University since the programme first started in Canterbury in 2019. Over time, this partnership has evolved and a number of council departments have supported the expansion of learning opportunities in Christchurch and become some of our first Learning Destinations. These...
Touchstones trail – Innovative self-guided tour providing learning for all
As part of the 2017 DreamBIG Festival, the History Trust of South Australia and Children’s University Adelaide worked together on a collaborative project with the South Australian School for Vision Impaired (SASVI) to create a unique trail along the North Terrace Cultural Boulevard in Adelaide.  The students at SASVI are legally blind, have less than...

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