Welcome to the exciting world of Children’s University Australasia and Africa (IO)!

Our aim is simple: we help develop free-thinking and inquisitive children who enjoy learning.
We want to make them lifelong learners and achievers. To do this, we curate educational experiences that offer a global perspective and reward participants for their hard work. We also offer a range of out-of-school volunteering and leadership opportunities for teenagers aged 15 to 18 years old which help them reach their full potential and develop leadership skills. All of the local, experiential activities (or Learning Destinations) have a tangible link to university, which in turn fosters the children’s ambitions to consider participation in higher education.
Participating in Children’s University is voluntary, the learning is led by the child in order to create greater motivation and engagement. Members can learn about what they are interested in!
Every participating student is recognised and rewarded with a graduation ceremony and certificates, giving them a true sense of pride in their accomplishments – and aspiration for their future endeavours.

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