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Children’s University Australasia (CUA) provides you with exciting free range learning activities outside your day to day school work, whether that be before school, lunch time, after school, in the school holidays etc. The best part about CUA is that it’s voluntary, so you get to choose what activities you would like to do, where, when and how you would like to do them. The things you learn about will always be able to be connected to something that you could study at a university, the schools for grown-ups.

Validated CUA Learning Destinations (the fun places you go to do cool things) all have a CUA Learning Destination sticker in the window. You should go in there and participate in the activity, take your Passport to Learning with you and get a stamp for the time you spent learning. The more activities you do, the more hours and stamps you will get in your Passport to Learning, and the closer you will be to graduating.

Once you have collected enough hours you will graduate in an iconic location such as Bonython Hall at the University of Adelaide, where you will be presented with your certificate at a special ceremony, all dressed up in a cap and gown, just like the older university students.


CUA learning focuses on the skills and attributes that learners need to develop in order to thrive in the 21st century - these are an integral part of any validated CUA learning activity.

Critical thinking and problem solving
Agility and adaptability
Empathy and cultural awareness
Resilience, grit and determination
Curiosity, imagination and creativity
Initiative, innovation and entrepreneurism
Communication skills
Hope, optimism and vision

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