Meet our incredible volunteers who give their time and expertise to our program

Taseef Farook
Meet Taseef, who is currently studying a PhD in Dentistry at the University of Adelaide. Taseef has been volunteering with us for just over a year, and “it’s been an amazing experience so far”. Taseef started out as a graduation assistant but also took the rains as an MC, which “was so surreal to be part of such a special event”. What I loved most about volunteering for Children’s University was seeing how much the children enjoyed getting recognition for all their extracurricular activities. It’s such a wonderful program that fosters a love of learning and academia at a young age, and I wish we had something like this when I was growing up” Taseef said. If you’re thinking about volunteering for Children’s University or recommending it to someone, I highly recommend it. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the impact that the program has on the children, and I would definitely volunteer again in a heartbeat. Oh and the cutest thing I heard all night was the children applauding every time they heard the word “clap” during the instructions! So adorable!
Leslie Li
Meet Leslie, a final year student studying a Masters of International Management and the University of Adelaide’s Volunteer of the Year for 2022. As an International student, living in a different country hasn’t been easy, there have been many challenges, but one thing that has made a significant difference in my journey is volunteering. Volunteering has provided me with invaluable opportunities to build networks, enhance working skills, and make new friends. Being a big fan of multiculturalism, I’m seeking a career in cross-cultural communications and understanding. Volunteering has allowed me to practice and deepen my understanding of different cultures which I highly value. When it comes to making positive impact on Children’s lives, I believe that Children’s University offers a wonderful opportunity by exposing children to new learning experiences, supporting them to pursue their interests and achieve their goals. Being a member of the community, I believe it’s crucial for me to get involved and contribute to the growth and development of the local community.
Maryam Sajjad
Say hello to Maryam, a Masters by Research in Medicine at the University of Adelaide student. While volunteering, she made new friends, built professional networks and confidence. Maryam enjoyed new social and culture experiences, developed leadership skills, communication and problem-solving skills. One of the highlights of the night “was when the girl sitting next to me said thank you for making us feel special by organizing the graduation ceremony and because of you all, who are volunteering, we are able to attend this event”. One of the reasons Maryam volunteers is because it provides an opportunity to apply the skills, qualities, and attributes she has developed over time towards a worthwhile cause, enabling her to fulfill the desire of being able to make a positive impact to those around her.
Tazrin Rahman Ema
Tazrin, a Master of Business Analytics student at the University of Adelaide, has been volunteering with CU since 2022. Here’s what she’s had to say: 1. Is volunteering important? Absolutely! It’s a great way to give back, meet new people, and gain valuable experience. 2. What was your volunteering role? I assisted in the graduation ceremony, guiding children to their seats, helping them after they received their certificates, and helped prepare for the next day. 3. What did you gain from it? I loved being around talented individuals and I made some amazing friends. 4. Cutest thing you heard? “When I grow up, I want to be like you and study at the University of Adelaide". Thank you Tazrin for all you do.

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