Discover the Magic of Yakult: A Fascinating Journey through the National Headquarters and Factory in Dandenong, Victoria!

Located in Dandenong, Victoria, come and explore the national headquarters and factory where Yakult is produced! Everybody is welcome to visit the Yakult factory, where members can view the entire production process safely through large viewing windows. The hi-tech facility incorporates food processing equipment designed specifically for manufacturing Yakult, including Yakult’s distinctively shaped bottles, filling and packaging lines, culture and quality control rooms. Everyone can taste the deliciously refreshing Yakult.





Visiting the Yakult Factory during the week

FREE! Meet one of Yakult’s wonderful staff members who will take you on a guided factory tour.

Level 1: Bottle-making, filling, and packaging manufacturing viewing platforms.

Level 2: Culture and mixing, Laboratory, and education room.

Education Room: History of Yakult, Yakult around the world, and tasting.

Tours run Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) and are BY APPT ONLY (NO walk-ins).







Attending a holiday program

Yakult run a 2-hour workshop during the Victorian school holiday periods. Members can learn about the digestive system using a visual model, engage in a group activity on healthy eating, and the 5 food groups according to the Australian Healthy Eating Guide. The holiday program includes a craft activity using empty Yakult bottles to create Kokeshi Japanese dolls/ Yakult Man figurine along with a tour of the production facility.