Christchurch Envirokids

Envirokids is a year-round programme run by Christchurch Envirohub Trust. Every week, we provide different environment themed activities for children. When possible, we host a group (or combination of groups) from our networks that specialise in working with children in the environment sector. Envirokids is currently based in The Kiosk in the beautiful surrounds of the Christchurch Botanic Gardens (postcode Christchurch 8011). The Kiosk is marked on the map, below, as Christchurch Envirohub. We share this venue with Friends of the Botanic Gardens and Canterbury Horticultural Society.

If you would like to experience an Envirokids workshop, environmental groups are hosted by Envirokids every Saturday, each with different environment-themed activities!

To learn more visit their website by clicking here.