RSPCA South Australia

A Children’s University partner since March 2021, RSPCA South Australia designed the free online RSPCA AWARE program, ‘to support children’s learning about animal welfare and responsibility towards animals, whilst developing children’s respect, understanding and compassion for all living creatures.

The learning activities offer children the means to better understand how to care for and interact with companion animals and wild animals.

About the RSPCA

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA South Australia) is South Australia’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity. Since our establishment in Adelaide in 1875, we have remained the leading voice for all creatures great and small across South Australia. Our main aim is to help young people develop responsible and caring behaviour toward animals, preventing animal cruelty and neglect in the long-term. That’s why RSPCA South Australia has developed a series of resources aimed at educating young people about animal welfare.’

‘We work non-stop to defend the dignity of animals, while fighting to prevent animal cruelty. We are animal protectors, carers and guardians. We bring solace to the abandoned, surrendered and injured. We offer shelter, education, medical attention and love. We help animals in need find loving forever homes. And we advocate for the humane treatment of all living creatures.’

‘Our important animal welfare work is almost entirely funded by community donations. We rely on the goodwill of our loyal supporters to continue being there for animals when they need us most.’


The RSPCA AWARE Kids Education Portal is a unique online education resource.

Animals have needs, wants and feelings, just like you and I. When animals are kept by humans, they require time, money, love, understanding and commitment. Some animals need our support to survive in the wild.

How does AWARE work?  Sign on to the AWARE Kids’ Education Portal and choose an animal to find out more about it. Then complete the quiz that follows.

For more information about this activity and the RSPCA, please visit their website.

Working Together

RSPCA South Australia joined Children’s University during the COVID 19 pandemic and at a time when we were actively supporting Learning Destinations developing online programs. These online programs help regional and remote members who might not be able to visit Learning Destinations in person.

Through the Children’s University portal, members are able to access CU online and a wide range of high quality activities under the eleven categories below:

Making and Doing, Around the World, Animals, Plants and Outdoors, Food and Cooking, School Holiday Booklets, Science, Sustainability and Space, Monthly Challenge, Stories, Poetry and Fun with Words, 10-hour Activities, Music and Movement and Back in Time.