MoneyTime combines interactive financial literacy lessons with a money management game to make learning about money fun. Kids are rewarded with virtual money for answering questions correctly then get to make decisions on how they spend it. They can shop at virtual stores, donate it or invest in things like further education and property that will increase their long-term wealth. In this way MoneyTime enables children to learn the consequences of their financial decisions, without risk, or fear of failure.

Example of a CU Validated Activity:

MoneyTime is an online financial literacy program for children ages 10 to 14. Our vision is to financially educate youth globally, starting in New Zealand and Australia, with 100% localised versions for both countries and a te reo Māori version. MoneyTime teaches kids all the things you wish you had been taught about money.

  • The power of saving for things they want
  • How to write a CV
  • How to prepare a simple budget
  • Why it’s important to pay off debt quickly
  • How to leverage their money to buy property
  • How to invest their money wisely
  • How businesses make profits
  • How to protect their assets with insurance
  • How to to keep their money safe online

If you would like to learn more about this Learning Destination please visit their website by clicking here.