Renewal SA’s Works Program – engaging the imagination of children since 2019

Renewal SA’s Works Program joined Children’s University Adelaide as a sponsor in 2019 and since this time, almost 200 children have participated in a range of school holiday events.

Held at two of South Australia’s leading entrepreneur and innovation hubs, Lot Fourteen and the Tonsley Innovation District, these events were designed to engage the imagination of children, while inspiring a sense of excitement about the promising future for high-tech jobs in South Australia, experiences essential to foster children’s ambitions and aspirations.

Dr Tetlow, Lot Fourteen tenant and founder of Inovor Technologies, agrees.

“It’s really important to get students excited about technology by exposing them to it when they’re young,” said Dr Tetlow. “… Down the track, it’s possible that these very students could turn up as our future suppliers or as employers and employees.”

Dr Tetlow said these words during a visit by Children’s University members to Lot Fourteen in July 2019. During the visit, children were treated to a hands-on experience of some of the most sophisticated jobs in Adelaide.


With the challenges of 2020 preventing these tours from taking place, it was with much delight that students, ranging from Years 4-7, were able to visit Lot Fourteen and Tonsley again in 2021.

Over five separate events, children experienced the rich history and fascinating present of Tonsley Innovation District, exploring, making, questioning and playing within this state-of-the-art facility.

Students toured a portion of the sprawling, 61-hectare site which included TAFE SA’s trade area and simulated trade training classrooms. TAFE SA also provided access to their plumbing pits, painting and decorating rooms and their bricklaying area, which gave the excited children some great hands-on exposure.

Renewal SA Works Program Manager Samantha Wilson said, “One little boy shouted out that he wanted to build a time machine to teleport himself to new places.

“Their imaginations lit up just being in the environment at Tonsley and enabled them to think beyond their everyday experiences. It was incredible to witness.”

Thanks to Renewal SA and the Works Program, these tours continue to delight and inspire the imagination and young minds of tomorrow, enabling Children’s University to fulfil its goal of supporting and promoting social inclusion at all levels.

We thank Renewal SA Works Program for their part in supporting South Australian communities and families by enhancing children’s lives.


Established in 2008, the Renewal SA Works Program delivers economic outcomes through employment and work experience opportunities in Renewal SA-managed contracts and through engagement, training and employment programs in partnership with registered training organisations.

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