Alumni Story – Sarah

‘My name is Sarah Meyer and I am your Master of Ceremonies for this evening, as we recognise and celebrate the achievements of Children’s University Adelaide graduates.’

How wonderful it was to see one of our founder members take the stage at a 2021 Children’s University graduation ceremony on the campus of the University of Adelaide.

In 2013, Sarah received a Bronze Award as one of 22 students who were part of the inaugural graduation ceremony from Mark Oliphant College. Nine years later, she is a student at the University of Adelaide studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in microbiology.

In Sarah’s own words, ‘I had a love of maths during school, and in my senior years a passion in chemistry which has led me to where I am today.’

Sarah’s interest in science started early in her schooling. This is something Children’s University understands well. A child’s passion begins at a young age and learning experiences affect everything from how a child makes choices to how they feel about themselves and their place in the wider world.

Since 2013, Children’s University has expanded across Australia and overseas. In 2021 2,311 graduates took part in 13 ceremonies designed to recognise and reward participants for all their hard work. The aim is to give them a true sense of pride in their accomplishments and aspiration for their future endeavours.

Seeing Sarah take the stage was a powerful reminder that children grow quickly into adults carrying with them dreams forged somewhere, sometime during their childhoods.

Children’s University hope that Sarah’s dreams continue to come true and we thank her for being an inspiration to all who follow in the program.