Zoos SA – a long standing partnership

Adelaide Zoo is a Learning Destination where visitors can emotionally connect with nature and witness the complex interplay of animal behaviour and care, conservation practices and entertainment. It is an ideal destination for visitors seeking learning experiences outside of school hours because the unique collection of animal and plant species is available almost every day of the year. By promoting and providing opportunities to learn at Zoos SA sites, these young people, and the wider population, may access zoos facilities, connect to nature and become motivated to save species from extinction.

The below activities are a selection of activities validated as Children’s University learning.  Animal Observations and Zoo on-line are bespoke activities co-designed between CUA and Zoos SA.

Animal Observations

Explore like a real scientist by observing and recording your favourite animal’s behaviour! Choose from 12 different species around the zoo.

Get your CU Passport stamped for 30 minutes for each Animal Observation activity and earn an additional 30 minutes for completing each extension activity.  Click here to see an example activity sheet.

Suitable for ages 7-14 years


Zoo on-line

Endangered Australian animals at Adelaide Zoo can now be observed on-line! Funded through a collaborative project between the University of Tasmania, University of Wollongong and the University of Adelaide, it was developed as an activity for Children’s University Australasia students in regional/remote areas.

Children’s University Australasia students can now complete an on-line animal observation activity and receive stamps in their Passport!

Animal Feeding and Keeper Talks

Adelaide Zoo provides animal feeding and keeper talks at regular times throughout the weekend and holidays. These talks focus on environmental issues relating to animal species, including positive actions people can take to help save the species from extinction.

These talks usually take about 15 – 20 minutes with an opportunity to ask the Keeper questions related to the species. Every presentation you watch earns you half an hour in your Passport.

‘My favourite part of the day was when we observed the animals in their enclosures. It was really fun.  The part I enjoyed the least was when we weren’t learning anything while we were eating.’ Grace, Lake Windemere School