Children’s University Adelaide partnership with National Parks and Wildlife Service SA.

School’s out(side) for SA students

National parks will form the backdrop of new learning destinations to provide students greater educational opportunities in nature. The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) has signed a new partnership with Children’s University to formally recognise some of our most prestigious and historic landmarks as learning destinations.

It’s wonderful to announce this new partnership between the Department for Environment and Water and the Children’s University.

It will enable children to learn more about the many wonderful parks and reserves we have here in South Australia through the Passport to Learning Program.

I hope it encourages students to go on to further study and learn about our natural history. After all, these young people are the future and will be developing solutions to some of our biodiversity and climate change challenges.

It’s important that all students have the opportunity to enjoy and learn more about our beautiful parks and environment through this new learning opportunity.

Susan Close, Deputy Premier for SA and Minister for Climate, Environment and Water