Lake Macquarie Council

Lake Macquarie Council has been working closely with Children’s University Newcastle since the program was launched in 2015.

Arts, Culture & Tourism (ACT) at Lake Macquarie City Council offer a number of Learning Destination experiences to Children’s University members.  The Learning Destinations include the Museum of Art and Culture (MAC), library branches, Rathmines and Warners Bay Theatres as well as the exhibition space SEEN and Heritage Centre within Rathmines Theatre. Within the next two years new facilities and Learning Destinations will include the Multi Arts Pavilion (MAP), Wangi and Windale Community Hubs and the Sugar Valley Library and Museum.

The ACT Learning Destinations offer many varied experiences. From joining an afterschool kids book club, meeting authors and illustrators, attending hands on workshops, discovering history and exploring exhibitions.

Children’s University Newcastle is extremely grateful and proud to be able to collaborate with Lake Macquarie ACT and is thankful for their support and for sharing their progressive and innovative programs with Children’s University schools and students.

Lake Mac Arts and Libraries  includes videos of fun things to do and hands-on activities, as well as previews of exhibitions, stories with local authors and illustrators, and interviews with artists, authors and illustrators.