Lake Windemere – Champion school leads the way

Lake Windemere B-7 School (Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage 930) is located in Salisbury in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and is classified by the Department of Education and Child Development as a category 2 school, indicating a high level of social disadvantage. The school became a member of Children’s University (CU) Adelaide in 2014 and the program has been led by Assistant Principal Helen Wise since that date.

Since their first graduation in 2014, 248 Lake Windemere students have graduated with CU Adelaide.

Since joining CU the school has been a very active participant in the program. A range of extra-curricular activities is offered every day from which CU members can accrue hours. As a CU Adelaide target school, Lake Windemere is offered a place in the CU Adelaide school holiday program each school break and the program is always oversubscribed.





The school is often involved in pilot CU programs: University of Adelaide Bachelor of Oral Health have run successful oral health workshops as a part of CU at the school for the past two years.






The school is also involved in many CU Adelaide special events, such as the launch reception at Government House in 2014 and the Open State partnership in 2016.

In the interview here, Helen outlines how the program works in her school and the benefits it offers to her members.