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Children’s University Tasmania – Monthly Challenge – March 2018

Senses – Online Challenge March 2018

Can you name the five basic human senses? Our human senses may notice changes to the world around us – our senses may detect changes in colours, sounds, smells and other changes around our local environment. Choose a day in March to explore what your senses notice about the world around you, and then answer the following questions;

Where are you located?

Are you indoors or outdoors?

Can you see the sky? If so, describe what the sky looks like from your location. How many colours and shapes can you see in the sky? Are there any clouds? Is there anything else you notice about the sky today?

What can you see at ground level? How many living things (plants, animals and people) can you see around you? Are there things in the far distance that are difficult to see clearly?

Listen to your surroundings. What can you hear? Where are these sounds coming from? Are some sounds louder than others? Describe anything else you notice about the sounds around you.

Can you smell anything? If so, describe the smell – do you know what this smell is or where it is coming from? What is your favourite smell or fragrance? Why is it your favourite smell?

We have now explored three of the five basic human senses. What are the other two basic human senses?

What foods have you tasted today? What is your favourite food of all time? Why?

Can you remember how many different things you touched whilst completing this challenge? Name as many as you can remember.


This month’s challenge was an activity in mindfulness, which can support people’s sense of wellbeing. How do you feel after spending some time becoming more aware of your senses?

26/02/2018 - 31/03/2018
3:00 pm - 11:30 pm

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