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Children’s University Newcastle Events – Meet the Pillar People!

Meet the Pillar People!!

A lot of the work undertaken by Newcastle Now falls into the category of placemaking, that is a project that adds a little oomph, pizazz or mojo to a city space to help make it more than just a city space – it becomes a place.

One particular project that has been turning heads and delighting city folk is our growing community of ‘pillar people’ which at the time of writing, has grown into a small army of 12.

Local artist, Rebecca Murray, who runs Flying Spanners Gallery in Teralba (a little suburb on the northern shoreline of Lake Macquarie) has been commissioned to paint murals on telecommunication pillars across the Civic Precinct.

Here is a list of the pillar people army as it currently stands..
Sonja the Skater who has reappeared years after Darks Ice Skating Rink closed
Clarence the Parking Officer
Chubbs the Bouncer, outside of popular night spot Argyle House
Little Jos’e, who plays groovy violin tunes outside of Hunter Valley Violins
Lord Mayor Joy Cumming. The first female Lord Mayor in the country and a highly respected figure of Newcastle
Super G outside of Graphic Action Comics
Pin-up Peg – a sultry waitress with her little visitor scraps
Chef Scotty
Sean the Posty
Old Bailey, the Judge on a break outside of the new Law Courts
The Bride and her
Penguin Groom, Quentin
This project has been so well received, that Precinct Advisory Groups from across the city centre are considering growing the bollard community across the West End and East End of Newcastle.

Show your CU School Coordinator some of your Pillar People drawings or photos for a stamp in your passport!



28/02/2019 - 31/12/2020
All Day

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