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Self Guided Tours – Fort Scratchley

You are welcome to take a self-guided tour around the barracks and above ground defence structures.

A self-guided tour brochure is available from the Artillery Store to help you navigate the site and learn interesting historical facts. Binoculars are available for hire.

Please note that while the Fort Scratchley Historic Site can be accessed by people with a range of mobility issues, there is uneven ground on site. There is also a significant incline to reach the top of the site. You can find out more information on our Accessibility page.

You are also welcome to use the grounds for a picnic lunch or other recreational activities such as kite flying or photography. 

The Fort is also a prime position for whale watching as they migrate up and down the coast during the winter months.

To get the full picture of the operations at Fort Scratchley take a paid tour with one of the Fort Scratchley Historic Society volunteers:

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See the website here for more information

Please collect evidence of your child’s involvement in events, visits, holidays e.g. photos, craft, activities (etc.) and show them to your school’s CU coordinator. If you have a Learning Reflection or Visit Diary, this would also be suitable. Your in-school coordinator will use their discretion to allocate time to Passports.

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Fort Scratchley

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