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Blackbutt Reserve Animal fact sheets

Walk the boardwalk to find birds including the Australian King Parrot, mammals like the Koala and Wombat and even reptiles such as the Eastern Long-necked Turtle, Diamond Python and Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard to name a few.

Download our   animal fact sheets here to learn more about the animals that call Blackbutt home.

Please collect evidence of your child’s involvement in events, visits, holidays e.g. photos, craft, activities (etc.) and show them to your school’s CU coordinator. If you have a Learning Reflection or Visit Diary, this would also be suitable. Your in-school coordinator will use their discretion to allocate time to Passports.


02/03/2019 - 31/12/2022
All Day

Blackbutt Reserve

Learning Destination
This event is organised by Blackbutt Reserve