Children's University

Mayor Glenn Docherty

I am extremely proud to be an Ambassador for the Children’s University here in South Australia.

As Mayor of Playford Council I truly believe that the Children’s University is a transformational program allowing young people the opportunity to reach their full potential; an opportunity all young people should have access to.  This learning is the foundation that enables an individual’s world to expand, to bring ideas to life and cement the comprehension of the way our world works. The Children’s University creates a positive environment and promotes lifelong learning; it encourages students to ask the fundamental question “why” and offers engaging and relevant learning opportunities for its students.

In my community of Playford, getting young people to aspire to achieve is of utmost importance. Giving students the tools to learn in such an environment allows them to develop positive attributes, knowledge and skills and graduate as productive, positive, happy and healthy community members; this is something that every Mayor around the world should support.