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STEM Teacher Resources

What is the Regional Lecture Series?

Children’s University Australia received funding to develop the Regional Lecture Series Project (RLS). The project brought University of Adelaide academics and PhD students to regional South Australian towns, where they engaged school students in activities focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). For more information about the importance of engaging children in STEM, please refer to this information guide for parents and guardians.

In 2017 the RLS project engaged over 1000 primary and secondary students from the towns of Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Murray Bridge, Renmark and Whyalla.

Children’s University Regional Lecture Series


Share Your Story Profiles

Children’s University has captured stories from academics and students at the University of Adelaide. What can you learn about university from these stories?


Share Your Story James Cowley

James Cowley: James talks about why he loves studying plants and how growing up around farming and agriculture has shaped his career. You don’t have to be good at everything to go to university, James wasn’t. He worked out what he was most interested in and decided that this was something he wanted to learn more about. If you’re interested to know why the sky is blue or plants are green, this could lead you to a career in science.


Share Your Story Erinn Fagan-Jeffries

Erin Fagan-Jeffries: Erinn wants you to know that you can make a career out of collecting insects! At university Erinn tries to learn as much as possible about wasps. Her goal is to encourage other people to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of these wonderful insects. As Erinn says, the best thing you can do is study something you love.
You can learn more about Erinn from her blog and on an episode of SCOPE.


Share Your Story Luisa Panuccio

Luisa Panuccio: Bachelor of Civil and Architectural Engineering student, Luisa, shares her experience of studying at university and why society needs Engineers. Luisa’s story shows us that university can help you to combine all of the subjects from school that you like and turn your knowledge into a career.


Share Your Story Dr Bianca Kyriacou

Dr Bianca Kyriacou: Bianca’s story shows us that just because your family may not have studied at university, doesn’t mean you can’t. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do for a career, you just need to follow the subjects you love learning about.
You and your classmates can visit Bianca at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus through the Why Waite Schools Program.

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